Peer review procedure

The publication adheres to the policy of double internal peer review. Article review is voluntary and free of charge. Reviewers are advised that the manuscripts they refer to are the intellectual property of the authors and relate to non-disclosable information. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of manuscripts for their own purposes. Breach of privacy is possible only in the case of allegations of falsification or falsification of materials. The author of the peer-reviewed work is given the opportunity to read the text of the review. Not allowed for publication: articles that do not meet the requirements for their design; authors who refuse to edit the article or who do not respond to or comment on the reviewer's comments. Rejected articles, after revision by the authors, can be re-submitted to the editorial board and reviewed in a general manner.

The editorial board of the journal, when reviewing materials, reserves the right to carry out automated material verification using Unicheck text-based borrowing software. In the case of multiple borrowings, the editorial board complies with COPE rules.

Unpublished data obtained from submitted manuscripts for review may not be used in personal research without the written consent of the author. The information or ideas received during the review and related to the potential benefits should be kept confidential and not used for personal gain. Reviewers should not be involved in reviewing manuscripts in the event of a conflict of interest due to competitive, collaborative, and other interactions and relationships with any of the authors.

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